Washington Heights, Hudson Heights, Broadway, Bennett Avenue

Washington Heights, Hudson Heights, Broadway, Bennett Avenue. This neighborhood is off the A or 1,9 subway lines. This photo is on Bennett Avenue one block from Broadway (around 190th Street). You’re close to the lovely Fort Tryon/Cloisters park..in fact you border on it. If you’re living in one of the apt buildings near here, one of your windows might very well face the boulders/trees across the way. There’s not much to do in this area with regards to eats, nightlife, cafes, but it’s quiet and homely the further you get from Broadway. Best places: Cabrini Boulevard for it’s Hudson River views and quaint, suburban atmosphere; 187st Street for it’s restaurant(s), bar, grocery scene; 181st street has a little bohemian row as well. The 1, 9 (red line) subway stop on Broadway has a nightmare tunnel walk just to get to this ‘hood so it’s best to stick to the A express train (blue line) when commuting downtown.


Downtown Jersey City, Grove Path, Dixon Mills

Albeit this site is called New York City Photos, but we’ll cut ourselves a bit o’ slack in that regard. Let’s expand it to New York City Photos…and Beyond. Residents, visitors, travelers and the like can all see what they’re getting into before they actually arrive to sought after destinations and travel hot spots.

Now, across the Hudson River towards the West is the Garden State of New Jersey. You saw Zach Braff’s feature film on the subject with it’s hipster du jour soundtrack, yes? Perhaps you also read the many mainstream media articles about how Jersey City is now being inhabited by the artistic “dissidents” of Manhattan and Brooklyn (rockers, hipsters, artists). In fact, this has been going on for some time now as the Grove Street/Historic area of Downtown JC is growing in popularity (and price). It’s on the UP part of up and coming. It appears apt sales are surpassing even the 400k mark but for the most part level off in the 300s for close to 700-800 sqft. If you go further west to Journal Square, you’ll find it’s not as desirable aesthetically, but definitely much cheaper (rent/condo sales) with a variety of ethnic eats available at your leisure. For eats, bars, cafes in the Grove area, you’re gonna be sticking to Newark Ave and Grove itself. Another day we’ll delve into the Paulus Hook/Marina area as it’s a whole different “new-metropolitan-yuppy-prepster” type of ballgame (translation: rich).

Upon trekking on the 2, 3 red subway, walking over to the 33rd St Manhattan Path, and riding to Grove St, I came out of the station right in the middle of all the hustle and bustle (Newark Ave/Columbus Drive). Quite honestly, you’ll want to avoid walking down Columbus Drive as it’s, well, ugly with constant traffic pollution and dilapidated sidewalks. Anyway, I headed over to the Dixon Mills (old Pencil Factory) condos near Wayne Street/Varick Street. Unfortunately, the large, refurbished industrial complex with it’s “cheap” high end condos has become a gated community with paid parking. Generally, this area is pretty nice looking with the tree lined blocks on streets like Wayne hosting old brownstones/bricks/row houses 3+ stories high. Every single corner is not as beautiful as you’d prefer, but it’s no better or worse than the typical, established neighborhoods in Brooklyn or uptown Manhattan (Prospect Heights, Morningside, Williamsburg etc). Take a look at more photos at the Flickr link: Downtown Jersey City.

Brooklyn, Sunset Park

Welcome to a photo tour of Brooklyn. These are some candid photos of Midwood, Newkirk Ave, Foster Avenue, Sunset Park, Park Slope South, and the 4th Avenue vicinity. Looking to buy a house?